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A Leather House

Creating a Kinky "NEW NORMAL" together !

A Leather House is small community of people who participate in The Leather Culture whose bonds often resemble that of a birth family. A leather House often has a "Head of Household", or "Master of the House" (in our case it is Master Stephen) and some sort of hierarchy between members. A house provides alternative structural models.

"House" is used in several different ways within the Leather scene, but always to represent a group of individuals pursuing some common purpose and wishing to establish some form of identity together. The construction "The House" is a very common way of titling such households. A person that is part of our household is said to be a member of, in our case "A LEATHER HOUSE".

A Leather House provides an alternative model within the leather life, for groups of people pledged together in a Leather structure. Most Leather Households have a clearly identified head of household, or Master of the House. In the Case of A Leather House, it is Master Stephen

A Leather House holds a prominent place within the larger Leather community organizing educational events and serving as host for their local chapter of an organisation and events. Having a shared household identity is both convenient and affirming, in the a similar way that many groups, and family names forge strength in number. 

Our House is under the Cover of Master Stephen and is a welcoming Pan-sexual community for persons of leather. Master Stephen is an out and proud Gay man and while his personal play is with men, the house is open to all those successfully vetted.



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