A Leather House - Photographing the true images of men From The Intimate to the Outrageous !

The Following is a REQUIRED Vetting form for anyone considering membership or requesting visitation to A Leather House Event. 
The form must be filled out completely, and returned as indicated.

A Leather House vetting information form:
All of the information below is required for Training, play and use at A Leather House. Please complete the form fully and return via email to INFO@ALeatherHouse.com along with at least two current photos one of which must show your face.

Vetting Form
Full Legal Name
Age/ Date of Birth
Fetlife Name
Have you ever been involved in a Leather House before? explain
What are you likes and limits
What are your expectation for membership in A Leather House?
How long have you been in the lifestyle?
What Kind of work do you do?
Are you in a relationship/dynamic at this time? if yes are they aware you are seeking a session or membership to the House
On a scale of one to ten – ONE straight and TEN Gay please list a number that best fit
Tell me something that will make we consider you as an asset to A Leather House