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Family Life

At this time we are working to create a Kinky "NEW NORMAL" so check out our virtual events as we are adding more all the time.

A Leather House is about the fullness of a Leather Life.

It is a place for socialization, education, mentoring, skills training and dungeon time. It is a place for men and women of leather can share ideas and work together to build a happy and healthy community center in the traditions of Old Guard Leather.

Family Play Nights

Because we are a Pan-sexual community The Master opens A LEATHER HOUSE on Saturday Nights for pledges, provisional and full house members.  

this is also a good time for anyone considering involvement with A Leather House to request an invitation - vetting forms are required prior to invite, 

Master Stephen Will be hosting WICKED WEDNESDAYS all men's dungeon nights

Wednesday Nights are for men only in the Master's dungeon. Men may request an invitation by sending their name, age and face and body photos along with a not as to why they should be considered an asset to the Dungeon Night to [email protected] 

Lady Kathryn will be using the House Dungeon on Thursday Nights to train and play with Her boys.

Female Dominant Plus Nights


f you are interested in joining TheLadyKathryn and other members of A Leather House for some hot dungeon play you may send your information - including your name, age, and role to our scribe at [email protected].

Our East Orlando address will be sent at the time of confirmation. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Variable proof and sign in is required. A donation is suggested at the time of entry. 

Protocol Suppers

On the first Saturday of each month the Master will be hosting a FULL Protocol Supper. This is part of A Leather House's Family day. A Time for a shared meal, education and dungeon play.

Active membership is required. Dominants should make an invitation request in the protocol supper group on Fetlife for both themselves and one submissive by names please. 

Requests will be responded to as the Master and Mistress fill their table.

Our Protocol Supper,

will be held at A LEATHER HOUSE, which is also the Master's home.

Full Leather Protocols will be required.

Master Stephen's

Mentoring & Training

I entered into a life of Leather back in 1972 in New York. I was blessed to be mentored by a true Old Guard Leather Man with deep insight and personal integrity. He instilled this way of life in me, and in so many others. I was called to take over his house when we lost him to cancer in 1982. Now over 40 years later I still hold true to the traditions of my Mentor. I strive to pass knowledge and insight along to others with a true and serious desire to live a leather life, a life of personal integrity, dignity and a compassion and concern for others.

I further believe that life has changed since 1972; some for the better and some NOT SO MUCH! So, with that said, I recognize that there needs to be a current and relevant presentation of the traditions and values my Mentor taught me. For me that means looking at each person seeking mentoring and take into consideration their personal reality. It is not hard to teach the traditions and respect one need to hold for a mentor and for the lifestyle when you are living it!

The Master's Spartans

Spartans – Those men for whom there is no question of their service to their Master.

Starting as a numbered slave and when and if they prove themselves into the role of sir under the directions of the Master. 

This is a select and limited number of men who have proven themselves worthy of the Master’s time, trust and respect.Master 

Stephen may approach a man about the Sparta Community and if he is interested he may request an interview with the Master. 

If you are a man 21 years of age or over, regardless of orientation, yet open to fully be in service to and bonding with other men. If this is you, then approach Master Stephen and request an interview into the Spartan Community. This is a community built on respect and a bond of trust between our brotherhood.

I know that there are female members of our community who may want to be a part of the Sparta community, and to them, my apologies – this is a community I mentor in honor of my Mentor it will remain all MALE.

- Master Stephen -