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Stephen DeMatteis, PhD - AKA; Master Stephen

A Current List Of Classes and Presentations Offered

In the true Old Guard Leather life the title of “Master” is held by both men and women who have earned their dominance, it is not meant to be sexist. All persons of Leather and those aspiring are welcome in our presentations.

Master Stephen is an Old Guard Leatherman. He has worn his Masters Cover with pride for over 30 years. He has continually been active in the Leather Life since the winter of 1972.

He is a Clinical PhD working with adult males and their issues of sexual trauma, personal intimacy and relational and dynamic wellness. He is an internationally known Speaker, Presenter and Author.

He has been the proud owner of The Ninth Circle a true Old Guard Leather dungeon in Orlando Fl from 2014 to 2019. In 2019 he opened “A Leather House” A Leather community and Training Center, also in Orlando Fl.

Master Stephen is an Out and Proud Gay man and works as an advocate for the LGBTQ community while working to integrate a true Pan-sexual Leather Community of understanding and dignity.

The Following is a partial list of Classes and Presentations Offered by Master Stephen

1: One Man’s Personal Leather Journey of almost 50 years

(A good Keynote)

This is Master Stephen’s personal leather history from the winter of 1972 until the present day. It is a presentation, often given as a Keynote address, filled with knowledge, truth and humor. This presentation shows Master Stephen’s total comfort and submersion into the life of a Leatherman

2: Dynamic design and Dynamic contracts

When persons of leather meet and enter into conversation, a dynamic has begun. It may be a one-time play arrangement or the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Because we in our leather lives have many different types of dynamics and many roles within these dynamics it is essential that all parties understand what dynamic they are entering – this presentation helps to identify the kind of dynamic you want and how to create (non-legally binding) contracts for that dynamic. This is a very pro-active presentation. What you take away from this presentation is in direct correlation to what you bring to the presentation.

3: Re-Writing your agreement with REALITY ! (Not limited to lifestyle members)

First of all WHAT IS REALITY, how was ours formed and what can we do to change it. This is not a light and fluffy class – we will ask you define your personal reality, identify the parts of your reality that serve you well and those things that deny your life and potential. We will look at where our reality was born and when we agreed to it as being our own. The ultimately we RE-WRITE the agreement we have with a new and productive REALITY!

4: Finger and hand symbols for training your submissive/slave

A good submissive/slave should be prepared to respond to its Master’s need at all times. It should always have at least one eye on the Master. With a constant eye on the Master a submissive can follow agreed upon hand and finger symbols that instruct the submissive to as the Master wishes. From the stance of the submissive to specific actions these symbols a non-verbal form of communication between Master and submissive – it further enforces the obedient role of the submissive. Once placed into the dynamic a submissive is responsible to follow out their actions at all agreed upon times. This presentation is for both the Master and submissive. We will use five submissive stances and ten finger signs.

5: What to do when a session becomes Cathartic

It is not uncommon for a simple play session to become a cathartic and sometime traumatic experience for a submissive. This presentation will address how to identify when a session become cathartic, what the Master should do to safely bring the submissive back to a safe place. The conversations following the session as well as short and long term aftercare.

6: Electro Play for the Male body – from wand to electro-penetration

I don’t think Mr. Edison had the things you will learn in this presentation when electricity was first used. Master Stephen has been working with electro play for almost 20 years. Everything from a Violet Wand to tens and E’stim systems, from electric nipple clamps to electric anal and penial penetration. The Male body responds well to electro stimulation both as pleasure and as pain. This is a hands on or to be precise, an on body presentation. Volunteers will be sort from the participants.    

7: The roles and responsibilities of Mentor and Mentee

The dynamic of a true Leather Mentor and their Mentee is invaluable in one’s lifestyle formation. Defining the roles of a good Leather Life Mentor, what one is- how to identify one right for you. In the same way what is a Mentee and weather a Mentor should take them on. What are the expectations of a Mentor/Mentee dynamic?

8: Puppies and other new ways of being a persona of leather

Puppies were not part of the original Old Guard Leather tradition, nor were a number of the fetishes and realities of the modern day leather person. However, acceptance and welcome are part of our tradition. In this presentation Master Stephen discusses the creation of “New Traditions” creating the rites and ritual for our pup brothers, kitty sisters and pony playmates. As well as other fetish that may not be thought to be Old Guard Leather.

9: Creating a good “Mind Fuck” the planning and execution

Master Stephen work as a Clinical PhD helps his to know the mind of his submissive, and in turn to enter it for a good “MIND FUCK” those times where with very little effort or possibly even action The Master can create fear and anxiety in their submissive – create an expectation of punishment or pain that is often worse than the action itself. This is a creative and often fun presentation.

10: Rope-free Bondage

Master Stephen comes from a time when very little rope bondage was done. While he respects and admires good rope bondage he likes to find safe and creative NON-ROPE forms of bondage. Leather, chain, tape, whatever is at the Master’s disposal is fair game to put a submissive into bondage. This interactive presentation will suggest ways for good safe and secure bondage that does not require rope – this is a presentation for a creative Master with a quick and wicked mind.

Other workshops and presentation are available including multiple day training for the Male Dominant or submissive.

Master Stephen

A Leather House

[email protected]